Thursday, June 8, 2017

Braingym (Apostrophes and homophones)

Apostrophes (Contractions)

  • I don't think they're dressed sensibly for this climate.(Do not) (They are)
  • I'm sure it won't rain today.(I am) (Will not)
  • I  wasn't feeling very well yesterday.(Was not)
  • She hasn't got enough money to buy a pie.(Has not) 
  • I haven't been swimming this year.(Have not)
  • I wouldn't swim in that river, its to dangerous.(Would not) (It is)

Apostrophes (Possession) 
  • It is Teagan's drink bottle.
  • it is the students' class room.

  • I went to the beach, two friends and my brother came too.
  • The shops by her house it was a good place to buy ice cream.
  • The children put their coats, there over by the tree.
  • I'm not sure whether or not the weather will be okay  for biking in the weekend.
  • I know i have done no work today.
(List 5 other homophones)

  • Here,Hear
  • Then,than
  • Son,Sun
  • Weight,Wait
  • I,Eye

Tourism (my kainga, my castle)

My kainga, my castle #2

My kainga, my castle